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Mr. Sun

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Mr. Sun wants to help someone


One day Mr. Sun wanted to help someone. 

He thought the beach would be a great place to be helpful. He lifted his rays for all to see. 

One family said, "Lets go. The sun is too bright.Mr. Sun is too hot at the beach"

"Another family said, "The sun is too hot." "Let's go." 

The families left.

The sun said sadly," I was just trying to help them." He was very unhappy.

Mr. Sun is too hot at the playgroundMr. Sun made his way to a playground where a baby was playing. "I want to play too," said Mr. Sun. But when he got closer, the baby started to cry. The mother came and said, "The sun has given you a rash." They left. And Mr. Sun was alone and unhappy again.

Mr. Sun is too hot at schoolMr.Sun came to a school. There, the kids were running. One of them fell. "The sun is too hot and it's making us dizzy. May we go inside?" "Yes the sun is very hot." "Follow me inside," replied the coach. All the kids outside were gone in a flash, and Mr. Sun was left feeling very sad.

Mr. Sun in the gardenMr.Sun traveled far until he got to a house. Outside was an old woman working in a beautiful rose garden. In the middle of the garden was the largest and prettiest rose Mr. Sun had ever seen. "I want to help it grow, "Mr.  Sun said. He lifted his rays and grew warm. After a while the rose turned brown and fell. The woman saw the rose. She dropped to the floor. 

The woman cried," My rose, my prize winning rose!"" I have spent five years on you, and the sun has killed you in five hours!" Sun heard that he killed something, so he hid behind a cloud, and cried.

Mr Sun criesIt rained for days and days. Sun's tears caused flooding. Since it rained the families could not go to the beach. The baby became restless inside. The kids at school could not go out for recess. The old woman's garden was flooding. 

So they wished for a sunny day

The families beg for Mr. Sun to return.While Mr. Sun was sobbing behind a cloud, he heard a faint call from the families. He stopped crying.  This time he could hear them clearly. 

They wanted him back!

  Mr. Sun happily returns

He came out from behind the cloud and dried the rain. Now Mr. Sun knows he can play, he just can't come too close. But if the sun ever gets too hot just remember, 

    Mr. Sun just wants to help!

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Mr. Sun    Written by Mika Valleau   Illustrations by Carol Valleau  Copyright 1999