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Bunnies Don't Type

Part 2 - To The Rescue

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     Over the hills and through the forest they sped.Welcome to Polkadilla Villa!

  Nuber was worried about becoming lost, when they came upon a small valley that was most unusual.  There was a pink polka-dotted grassy mound in the center of a pasture with burrows of various colors surrounding it.  Near the edge of the glen there was a small teepee made of autumn-colored leaves.  A very bubbly stream brushed passed the trunks of several cypress trees.  There were various creatures frantically hopping about as if they were looking for something.  Nuber couldn’t have even dreamed up this place. Nuber the hamster & Ping Pong the panda bear  

He turned to Ping Pong.

    "Are we there, Ping Pong?  Are we in Polkadilla Villa?"

    "This is it, Nuber!"

    "Hey, Everybody!  Ping Pong's here!" came a cry from one of the villagers.

    Several creatures hopped up to greet him.

   "What are you doing here, Ping Pong, and who is your friend with all the carrots thrown over his shoulder?" asked the bouncy villager.

    Nuber smiled at the perky kangaroo wearing red and yellow socks. A sleepy joey was  peeking out of her pouch.

    "This is my friend Nuber," answered Ping Pong.Sock Hopper & Toddle Socks

    "Nuber, this is Sock Hopper, and the little guy poking out at us is Toddle Socks!"

  Mrs. Hops-a-lot  Ping Pong continued to introduce Nuber to the rest of the group. 

    Nuber learned that Mrs. Hops-a-lot was the fastest frog in the glen, and thatHunny Bunny Baby Girl Hunny Bunny Baby Girl lived in the speckled mound in the center of the village.  There were frogs and kangaroos, and especially bunnies, too  numerous to mention. 

  Nuber noticed that they all had one peculiar thing in common. They could all hop.


Ping Pong asked them why there was so much excitement in the village.

    That's when Mrs. Hops-a-lot croaked her question to Ping Pong.  "Have you seen Princess Pigeon Feathers on your shortcut here, Ping Pong? No one has seen her all day, and she won't answer our calls out to her.  She always watches the hops-a-lot games every Saturday.  This is not like her, Ping Pong."

    "No, we haven't seen her, but that is why Nuber and I are here.”  He pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his sweater.  "I received this e-mail earlier today.  Nuber and I headed this way as soon as we could to see what was going on."

    Sock Hopper took the note from Ping Pong and read it aloud.  Everyone's head turned toward Hunny Bunny.

    "Why is everyone looking at me?” asked Hunny Bunny.

    "Is this some kind of joke, Hunny Bunny?” asked Mrs. Hops-a-lot. "Are you and that silly pigeon playing a joke on us?" 

    "Why do you say that?”  Hunny Bunny asked.

    "Because you are the one who always asks for ten bunches of carrots on your birthday, and you have the computer in Polkadilla Villa," added Mrs. Hops-a-lot.

    "Come on.  The joke is over.  You can call Princess Pigeon Feathers out of hiding now,” she added.

    See how upset Hunny Bunny is!Hunny Bunny became very upset.  "I don't know what you are talking about.  I have not seen Princess Pigeon Feathers since yesterday.  It's true that I like a lot of carrots, and the computer is in my Villa, but I couldn't have done this."

    "Let's not jump to conclusions," said Ping Pong.

    Nuber remained suspicious.  "Why couldn't you have done this, Hunny Bunny?" he asked. 

    "Well, I have a confession to make," sighed Hunny Bunny. 

    "I don't type. I couldn't have sent the e-mail!"

    "Why not?" asked Ping Pong.

    "Bunnies don't type!" Hunny explained.

     "Bunnies thump.”  " They don't type," said Hunny Bunny.”  We never know when a good urge to thump will come along, and we could break the keyboard to smithereens.”      “The computer is in my Villa because it's in the center of the village.  Anyone who wants to go to the computer room can just help themselves."

    "Well, then let's go to the Villa and check out the computer," said Nuber. "Maybe we can find out who actually sent the e-mail."

    They all hurried over to the to see if they could find any clues.

    "The message didn't have to come from here," said Ping Pong.  "Computers can send e-mail from anywhere in the world."

    "But," Nuber added, "we should check out this computer first."

    Nuber checked the sent messages.  Nothing was obvious. 

    If the message was sent from Polkadilla Villa, it had been deleted.  

    "What are we going to do now?" asked Hunny Bunny.

    "All we can do," said Ping Pong, "is to put the carrots by the exact cypress tree and hope that Princess Pigeon Feathers will be set free."

    "Nuber and I will set the carrots out, and then we will wait to see who comes to get them."


Sock Hopper gives Toddles Socks to Hunny Bunny to baby-sit    "I would like to help," said Sock Hopper.  " I am an excellent boxing kangaroo.  Perhaps I can help you capture them." She gently handed Toddle Socks over to Hunny Bunny to baby-sit. Sock Hopper then joined Ping Pong and Nuber to rescue Princess Pigeon Feathers.

    "Okay," said Ping Pong.  "Everybody else can wait quietly in Polkadilla Villa."

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