Panda Bear's Playhouse Presents...

CareCare, Supreme Goddess of the Entire Internet 

(Part 1- The Virus)


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   The computer only blinks!


     The computer screen was completely black except for the pulsating white line. 



     "What happened?" asked Ping Pong. 

     The playhouse friends were puzzled. They were just getting use to all the gadgets and gizmos throughout the playroom. Everyone was having so much fun with the new computer, and they were enchanted with their new friend, Care the Supreme Goddess of the Entire Internet. She had been teaching them about her  world of computers and how to safely travel through cyberspace. Even the two little mischief bears, Chubnut and Garebear were behaving themselves so they could get a turn on the computer.   


 Now Care was gone!



"Well, even with all my expertise, I cannot cure this problem," said Nuber. "There's only one thing that I can think of to do, and that's to ask Willy the Webworm for help."

    Ping Pong called out. "Willie, we need you! Are you here?  We need your help!"Willie comes out of the computer!

  Willie wormed his way out of the computer.  

    He was in a daze, but he knew what was wrong.

     "Care has a virus," he moaned.

    "A virus?" questioned Ping Pong. 

    "A computer virus," Willie mumbled. 

    "What are we to do?" asked Ping Pong.

    Willie spoke." We must find Dee Bug as soon as possible.  She is one of the Cuddle bugs that lives in the Tropical Rock Garden deep in the darkest passages of the Emerald Woods. She is the only one who could possibly cure the virus.  Without Dee Bug, I am afraid that Care's condition is terminal."

     The entire playhouse was silent.

    "How do we get to the Tropical Rock Garden?" asked Slap Happy.

    "I've never actually been there," said Willie.

    "Can you show us the way Mrs. Bunnywinkle? Can you work any of your magic?" asked Ping Pong.

    Mrs. Bunnywinkle explained that the computer world had a special magic of its own.  Mrs.Bunnywinkle the Queen of the Fairies.Mrs. B.  could not interfere with other magic, and she could not wander across the river to the dark side of the Emerald Woods. She would lose her powers there. 

    With determination Ping Pong said," I'll find the Cuddlebugs.  I'm the king of the shortcut, remember?" 

    Gramma packed Ping Pong, Slap Happy and Nuber a bag of goodies to take along on their trip because Gramma was well aware of Ping Pong's reputation for wandering around the Emerald Forest. Gramma did not want them to be without food when they take one of his "shortcuts".

Then she, Mrs. Bunnywinkle and Willie the Webworm  patiently watched while Garebear and Chubnut played. Meanwhile the computer screen's pulse slowly started to grow weaker.

    "You better hurry," hollered Willie, as the adventurer's headed on their way.


    Through the trees and over the hill they roamed until they reached the edge of the The Farmhouse Emerald Woods. Down in the valley sat a rather large yellow farmhouse.

 "Who lives there?" asked Ping Pong.

 "Uh-oh! we've gone the wrong way," said Nuber! "We've reached the human beans place!!!  We shouldn't be here. I hear that they are nothing but trouble!"

    "Who told you that?" came a voice from down the path behind them!  Ping Pong, Slap Happy and Nuber froze like Popsicles in winter! Their wide-opened eyes were glued to the two shadows behind them.  They were face to face with trouble: a human bean. And not just any human bean. It looked as though this one already had an animal creature under its spell!

    Meeting new friends"I won't hurt you," said the blue-eyed, blonde hair pig-tailed little girl as she emerged from the shadows. "My name is Lucy Lucinda Marinda Marie, and I live down in the valley in  that farmhouse. 

 This is Daisy Mae Gray Hairdo.  She is my special barnyard friend."

They looked harmless enough.

Daisy was a very proper looking fluffy gray-coated sheep with stubby black legs. She wore a purple sun hat with a fresh daisy in its blue-ribboned brim.  Around her neck she wore a simple but bright pink collar.

"You  look like you have seen a ghost!" Daisy Mae observed in an Irish speaking accent.

"We are on a mission, and we are not having much luck finding our way," Nuber explained as the three travelers cautiously gazed at Lucy Lucinda.

"Where are you headed?" asked Lucy. 

"'To find the Tropical Rock Garden," added Nuber.

 "Oh, you are looking for the Cuddle Bugs," said Daisy Mae.

"How do you know that?" asked Slap Happy.

"Cause we've been to the Tropical Rock Garden once before," said Lucy.

"Why are you headed there?" asked Daisy Mae.

"Our  friend, Care the Supreme Goddess of the Entire Internet, has a terminal computer virus, and we need to see if Dee Bug can save her," explained Ping Pong.

"Care is sick?" asked Lucy.  "Care is a friend of mine too.  She's always helping me surf the internet."

"Then you will help us?" Nuber asked in amazement, since he had heard  nothing good about human beans.

"Sure, but if you think that I am trouble, you are in for an terrible surprise. To get to the Tropical Rock Garden, you'll have to cross the Dragonian Pass by the Cave of Driton. That's not easy. That's the real trouble!" explained Lucy Lucinda Marinda Marie.

This time they all headed in the right direction with their blonde-headed human bean and their gray hairdo friend leading the way. They traveled a  long way and the woods began to darken as they ventured deeper and deeper into its winding paths of greenery. They were farther into the woods than they had ever been before and the air was filling with the eerie sounding whistles of strange birds.  Nuber thought that he had felt someone staring at them.Click to return to the Storybook Shelf Library








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