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Part 2 - (The Dragonian Pass)



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    Lucy led them to the cover of a huge brown boulder and put her finger up to her lips. "Be very quiet," she warned as she peered over the huge stone.  She darted back down. 

"Why are we stopping?" whispered Ping Pong. 

"Lay low and be quiet! Driton will hear us!" Lucy urged.

They heard a very drawn-out yawn and its echo was deafening.Driton's Cave

"We're too late. He's has awakened," warned Daisy Mae.


    They all peered around the boulder to get a glimpse of Driton.  His large dragon-like body filled the entrance to his cave. He had purple horns and purple toes and the meanest orange face that they had ever seen. In his right hand he carried a golden lightning rod. 


"How can we possibly get by that?" asked Slap Happy. 

"We'll have to distract him and then make a wild dash through the Dragonian Pass," said Lucy. "We can't wait for him to fall asleep again.  Care's running out of time!"


    Lucy picked up a nearby pebble and with her best aim, heaved it passed Driton and down into his cave.  Driton turned immediately around and pounded back into his cave. 


   The Dragonian Pass  

They made a feverish dash toward the Dragonian Pass. Nuber was the last to scurry toward its safety when he felt a cold tap on his shoulder. 

 He was paralyzed with fear. 

Driton was standing right behind him.

 Nuber gulped and gave a sheepish grin as Driton bent over and picked Nuber up in his enormous green fist. 

Nuber could feel Driton's warm breath shoot out his purple nostrils. 


Nuber gets caught Driton's mouth began to open very wide, and he tossed the hamster up in the air for a quick snack. 


    Slap Happy worked quickly and removed his colorful slippers. He flew up into the air and smacked Driton on his orange nose as hard as he could with his over-sized feet!


A painful roar bellowed out of Driton, and Nuber slipped down his bumpy back and around his tail toward the safety of the pass. Driton was close behind, but he had to stop at the passage. It was too small for him to fit through. 

Driton snarled, cocked his arm and threw a bolt of lightning in frustration at the scurrying little adventurers who were now safely out of sight. 

"Whew! That was close!" said Nuber as he wiped his brow.

 "Yeah!" said Ping Pong. "You were almost a HAM-burger!"

  "Very punny," said Nuber as he breathed a sigh of relief.Click to return to the Storybook Shelf Library









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