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CareCare, Supreme Goddess of the Entire Internet

Part - 3  (The Bugs)


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      "We've made it!" boasted Lucy. 

     "We're in the Tropical Rock Garden!"Arriving at the Tropical Rock Garden

     They all squinted as they tried to find their way in the darkness.

    "The Cuddle Bugs are here," said Daisy Mae Gray Hairdo.

    "Hell-o, anyone home?" Ping Pong called out. 

    There was no answer. 

    "Hell-o, we're looking for the Cuddle Bugs. Are you here?"

     "Just wait a second," said Lucy.


Everyone started to feel warm and toasty, and they looked down at their feet to see more of these cute bugs resting on their toes. A Cuddle Bug

"Just looking at you guys makes me feel better," said Nuber. 

"Say, you guys are cuddly warm," said Slap Happy. 

 Lucy and Daisy Mae were pleased to see their friends again.


Panda Picks Up Dee BugJust then Ping Pong felt a warmth on his paw! He looked down and saw the cutest roly-poly little red bug with tan arms hugging his big toe. 

     Ping Pong couldn't hear anything but a slight humming sound.


"You must be a Cuddle Bug," he said as he reached down and lifted the little creature up to his ear. 

"Who are you?" asked the little red bug that could now be heard.

"We are friends of the forest and we're looking for Dee-Bug to see if she can help us!" said Ping Pong.

    "Our friend has a computer virus, and she is failing quickly. Willie the Webworm said that Dee Bug could possibly help us."

    "I am the Cuddle Bug you're looking for," said the little red bug. "I'd be happy to try to help!"The Stink Bugs chase Driton away!

    "We must hurry," said Ping Pong." Time is running out."

    "How do we get out of here?" asked Slap Happy. 

    "Oh, we have friends to help us," said Dee Bug. 

    Dee Bug whistled.

    From behind the rocks came an army of little brownish bugs that ran up and through the passageway toward Driton.

All that could be heard was the most horrible yelp and then pounding footsteps fading into Driton's cave.

    "Whew! What's that smell?" asked Lucy. 

There's nothing like a good stinkbug!

"It's the Stinkbugs! 

Driton hates them. Their horrible odor burns his big purple nostrils. 



    "Hold your noses! We can easily pass now!" shouted Dee Bug confidently.  

Ping Pong carried Dee Bug in his paws as she waved thank you to the Stinkbugs. The forest friends all scurried safely passed Driton's cave. 

        They retraced their steps back through the woods as fast as they could. They raced over the bridge and finally reached the playhouse. When they entered the playroom, the cursor was barely flickering on the computer screen.  Dee Bug ran toward the computer, and in a flash she disappeared right inside. 

Time passed painfully slow. 

 Nuber popped up and pointed toward the screen.

   "Look!" he sighed. 

    The screen was completely dark.

    "We are too late!"

    Debug powers on the Computer

    Out of the computer Dee Bug wriggled.  She rolled herself up into a tight ball and bounced up against the dark gray power button to reboot the computer.  From the darkness on the screen emerged a pleasingly bright blue color. There were a few flickers and then words streamed across the screen. A familiar face appeared before them.

    Everyone cheered! 

    "You're Back!" 

    "Hell-o again," said Care, the Supreme Goddess of the Entire Internet. 

    "I thought that I was a  goner!" "I was investigating a new site, and I ran into a virus. 

      "Thank-you, Dee Bug!  You virtually saved my life!"

    "And," Dee Bug added, "I have installed a virus protection program to keep Care from getting another computer virus again! His name is Officer User Friendly!"

    "Dee Bug did it!" they all shouted as they picked up the little computer bug  and cuddled her in gratitude. Care is cured!

    "I guess not all computer bugs are bad," Nuber joked.

    Care was happy to see the playhouse again and to see all of her computer friends. She was most grateful to Dee Bug and dubbed her "The Supreme Doctor of the Entire Internet".  


The End.  



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