Welcome to Gramma Panda's House

Gramma Panda's House

Gramma Panda lives on the outside edge of the Emerald Woods. Gramma's House is Gramma Panda says "HI!" watched over by The Green King, who is very wise.

This is Gramma! 

Her heart is the warmest in the land! Her cherry berry cheeks and loving smile go everywhere with her throughout each day! 

Gramma loves flowers and plants and fills her home with them.  Gramma gave Ping Pong and his friends the plant that they have in their playroom.  It's a small easy to take care of ficus tree that Gramma told the kids would be easy to keep as long as it receives sun and water! Nuber is in charge of watering the plant, and Ping Pong makes sure that it remains by the window on the sunny side of the playroom.

Gramma 's Dog! Pete Pudge Pie.This is Pete Pudge Pie.  

He is Gramma's chubby-looking puppy! Petey is so fluffy that if you pet him, your arm disappears up to your elbow in his fur!!

You will find Gramma throughout the Playhouse or look for her in your heart!!!


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