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Nuber's Tractor

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Nuber wakes up to a surprise.     

One morning Nuber woke up in his old stump just like he did every morning. But, today was a different day.  As he walked out of his stump, he saw a large colorful package with a note for him tucked under a yellow ribbon.


 Nuber read the note: 

Dear Cuz,

        Happy Birthday! How does it feel being two years old?  Mom says you're growing like a weed! Now that you are two, here's a little something for you! 

Well, keep in touch!


                     Your cousin,

                     Chipper the Chipmunk

P.S. Come visit us at Chipmunk Corner soon!







     Even though his birthday was still a day away, Nuber was so excited that he started to tear open the package.  Just then, Gare Bear and Chubnut came around the corner giggling.

    "What ya got there? asked Chubnut.

    "It's a birthday present from my cousin, Chipper," said Nuber as he tore off the last pieces of wrapping paper.

 Nuber opens the present

    He opened the box. Inside was a shiny red tractor with four big black tires. "Awesome!" squeaked Nuber.


"Wow!" shouted Gare Bear and Chubnut. "Can we play with it?"

 "Sure!" said Nuber.  "We can all play... ."


Before Nuber could finish his answer, Gare Bear grabbed Nuber's red tractor. Nuber pleaded with them to be careful with his brand new birthday present as the two mischievous bears darted into the woods!

 Gare Bear takes the tractor!


    A few hours later, Chubnut and Gare Bear came racing towards Nuber holding the tractor. Nuber was amazed!  It looked like it was in good condition.


    They were almost back to Nuber's tree stump when Gare Bear tripped over his own feet! Nuber's tractor flew high into the air and hit the forest floor.


There were wheels and pieces of bright red tractor all over the ground!

Nuber cried and then ran into his stump!


Gare Bear breaks the tractor

The two bears felt so badly that they went off to find Mrs. Bunnywinkle. They begged her to magically put the tractor back together.  While Mrs. Bunnywinkle fixed the tractor, Gare Bear and Chubnut chopped some wood and made a bulldozer.  Then Mrs. Bunnywinkle painted the bulldozer yellow and added an engine.

The birthday party!

The next day everyone gathered for Nuber's birthday party.


Gare Bear & Chubnut enter the playhouse for the party

In marched Gare Bear and Chubnut.  Each carried boxes wrapped with newspaper.


As Nuber opened them, a smile danced  across his face.

Nuber opens his gifts from the bears  

"My tractor!" he said cheerfully. "And a ride-on  bulldozer! Thanks Guys!" exclaimed Nuber.


"We're sorry that we broke your tractor."  "We were so excited to play with it," they explained.

" I forgive you," said Nuber, "but from now on you should not take anything awayHappy BIrthday, Nuber! from anybody just because you want to play with it all by yourselves. 

"Thanks, Nuber! We'll be good," promised the little bears.

Mrs. Bunnywinkle called out, "Big group hug!"

With all his friends happily gathered around him, Nuber's birthday turned out to be one of his best ever!

    The End.

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 Nuber's Tractor  Written by Mika Valleau   Illustrations by Carol Valleau  Copyright 2000-2011