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Ping Pong and the Panda Bear's Playhouse

Part II- The Project

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The ProjectGoing to Gramma's House for help

 Nuber led Ping Pong back out of the woods. However, he was careful to mark the trail so that they could easily find their way back to the abandoned crate.  Nuber was excited about having a new building project, and he didn’t want to get slowed down by one of Ping Pong’s famous shortcuts.


Gramma's House & the Green King treeIt was amazing, but with Nuber as the guide, Ping Pong was soon on his way to see his Gramma. Before long they were headed up the stone path to meet her. Nuber was taken in by Grammas tenderness and gentleness.


  Gramma Panda says HIHer cherry cheeks decorated her cheerful face and warm smile.  Ping Pong told his grandma of their find in the woods. Gramma was eager to hear of their plans to build a playhouse. “Perhaps this could stop Ping Pong from wandering so much,” she thought.

 She prepared them love sandwiches and hot chocolate cups of cuddles for a tasty snack. After their tummies were full, Gramma gave the two little wooly Paint for the playhouseconstruction workers the tools that they needed to get started.

She even gave them a couple of cans of old paint and a stiff black brush.             

Back down the path they headed and back into the Emerald Woods with Nuber proudly leading the way. Nuber with tool belt from Gramma

He was now wearing the tool belt that Gramma had given him. Ping Pong carried the paint cans.  

Following the trail that Nuber so carefully made, the two buddies reached the thorny bushes.

The crate is gone!


The panda bear and the hamster froze. The crate had vanished! The two friends stared at the empty spot in disbelief, and wondered what had happened to their future playhouse.  

Ping Pong & Nuber are bewildered!

 “Great Bamboo Shoots!” said Ping Pong. “What happened? It seemed like we were not gone long enough for someone to take the crate.”

 Nuber added, “You don’t suppose the Human Beans came back, do you?" 

     Disappointedly, the two furry pals marched up to Nuber’s tree stump home.

     What they saw left them scratching their heads.

 Sitting nearby Nuber’s home was the old crate!

 “How could this possibly haveThe forest happened?” said Ping Pong.

 “It’s easy if you possess the magic.” came a voice from one of the trees. 

“This place is haunted,” said Ping Pong. “Voices come from all over!”  

Nuber grunted.

  “Don’t worry,” he said.

” I know that voice. It’s Mrs. Bunnywinkle, the queen of the fairies!”

 “Mrs. Bunnywinkle,” Nuber asked, “How did you manage to move the crate?”

“ Well, I overheard your plan. Your idea seemed like a lot of fun. But I knew that you would need more room to work on it, away from those thorny bushes!  The clearing by Nuber’s stump was the perfect place for your new playhouse.  And, well, with a little touch of my golden magical wand, the heavy crate just moved like a feather in the wind! It was meant to be there.” Mrs. Bunnywinkle was very pleased with herself.

    Nuber and Ping Pong were happy that Mrs. Bunnywinkle was able to move the crate out of the thorny bushes and into the clearing. Nuber was extra excited that it was just next door to his very own tree stump.

“Well,” chuckled Ping Pong, ”it looks like we are finally ready to get started.”

 And the three new friends flitted and tapped and sawed and grunted until the most beautiful playhouse rose up from the green floor of the woods. Of course, it was ever so helpful of Mrs. Bunnywinkle to add a little extra bit of colorful magic to the paint cans. The fresh, bright paint flowed over the playhouse in all the colors of the rainbow.

For a final touch, Nuber took a couple of extra boards that had been stashed away inside the crate and nailed them together.  Ping Pong playfully wrote
Sign Nuber made from crate pieces across one  


Sign Nuber made from crate pieces    across the other.  Mrs. Bunnywinkle carefully twinkled and winkled them into their places with a dash of her starry wand.

 Panda Bear’s Playhouse had been bornPanda Bear's Playhouse is Completed!.  

The three new playmates humbly admired their daylong project. But it wasn’t going to end there.

Ping Pong  raised his eyebrows in surprise again as he heard yet another soundDown the path from down the path.  It sounded like something was swatting at the ground.

“ Geeze,” Ping Pong thought. “Here we go again! Noises from outta the blue!"  


Slap Happy comes up the path Just then, a crazy yellow duck with a bluish-green key around its neck, smacked its big feet toward them.

        Ping Pong knew that another adventure was about to begin. He could just feel it again in his chunky black paws.

The End.

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Book 2 - Slap Happy and the Mystical Key






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