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Click around the room to find fun places to go Click to watch the pandas hop to the music. Click to see the real pandas at the zoo, but come BACK to the playhouse. Click to color a Cup of Cuddles to give to a friend. Click to search for the words in the puzzles. Click to fill in the crossword puzzles. Click to color your favorite characters. Click to play a panda memory game. Click to create funny panda faces. Click to meet the Supreme Goddess of the Internet. Click if you want to go to the Home Page. Click to get Willie the Webworm's Help! Click to watch the bears step to the music. Click to read the adventures of Ping Pong the panda bear and his friends. Click to watch the Ghostfighters fly. Click to read the adventures of Ping Pong the panda bears and his friends. Send a memo or letter to Ping Pong the Panda Click to have a laugh at Ping Pong. Click to sail with the Cuddlebugs! Tic-Toc goes the clock.


Click to return to the Home Page Click to send a message to Ping Pong Click to return to the Playroom for more fun choices Click to take a tour of the Emerald Woods Click to visit Gramma Click to select another book from the Storybook Shelf Library






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