CRAZY Faces    Use the mouse to create a crazy face! 


Move the pieces to make a crazy  face clown mouth moustache panda eyes purple horns panda nose & mouth panda ears bunny nose and mouth red lips person nose toothy grin blonde hair pretty blue eyes red eyes brown hair goofy glasses bow tie giant pink ears froggy eyes green hat duck bill

How to Play - Works with Internet Explorer Browser !

1)  Put your mouse over a crazy face piece.

2)  Click it. 

3)  Drag it to where you would like to put it on the blank head. 

4)  Let go of the mouse button.



 You've DONE it! And you may move pieces as much as you'd like to move them!




    Enjoy!    When you are finished click the Playroom button.



   Click to return to Playroom.

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