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Bunnies Don't Type

Part 3 - The Shocker

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Ping Pong, Sock Hopper, and Nuber put the carrots by the tree and wait for the bird catcherThe fearless threesome marched toward the creek and through the woods to the giant hole by the largest cypress tree.  They plopped down the ten bunches of carrots, and waited patiently behind the tree. 

    Time passed slowly.  Nothing happened.   Ping Pong, Nuber and Sock Hopper wondered if they had found the right cypress tree. Perhaps the bird catcher had spotted them hiding in the woods.Ping Pong, Nuber, and Sock Hopper notice the carrots moving



    Finally, the silence was broken by a rustling sound.  They peered from behind the tree and saw someone pulling the carrots along the ground.

    In a second, Ping Pong, Nuber, and Sock Hopper pounced on the carrot thief.Catching the Carrot thief becomes a surprise: Princess Pigeon Feathers

    " We've got 'em," yelled Nuber!  "Everybody, we've got 'em!"

    Before long everyone was gathered around the pile of animals.

    One by one, Ping Pong, Nuber, and Sock Hopper got up. 

    "Princess Pigeon Feathers!" everyone shrieked.  " What are you doing here?  We were so worried about you."

    Hunny Bunny hopped right over.  "Princess, what's going on here?"

    Princess Pigeon Feathers hung her head down low.  She took a big gulp of air and began to explain.  "I wanted to see if anyone would miss me. You are all so busy hopping around and having fun and doing important things; and, well, I just don't seem to fit in here." 

" I can't hop!" she sobbed. 

    Ping Pong patted her head.  Nuber put his arm around her shoulder.  Mrs. Hops-a-lot, Hunny Bunny and Sock Hopper surrounded Princess Pigeon Feathers.

    "You are our friend," they all said softly. 

    "But, I don't feel needed around here.  I can't be a part of the group.    I can't hop," she repeated.Princess Pigeon Feathers the computer expert!

    "But you can type," said Ping Pong with a giant panda grin! 

    "You could type for all the bunnies, and you could be in charge of the computer room in Polkadilla Villa," Hunny Bunny added.

    "What a great idea!" said Sock Hopper. 

    Princess Pigeon Feathers sniffled a few times before a smile broke out on her face.

    "Do you really want me to be in charge? she asked.

    "You are a natural typist with your ability to peck so quickly and accurately," said Nuber.

    "Then I would love to do it!" exclaimed Princess Pigeon Feathers.

    "I'm sorry that I upset everyone.  I know that we are friends, but I wanted to contribute something to the village.  I wanted to feel needed."

    "'Looks like you are needed," said Ping Pong. 

    Hunny Bunny hopped over to the 10 bunches of carrots.  She drooled at the sight of them.  "Say, Everyone, we can't let these crispy orange carrots with these tasty green tops go to waste!"

 "Let's have a party!"

    All of the animals ran off to get ready for the big celebration in Polkadilla Villa.

    Princess Pigeon Feathers hurried into the computer room to do her first project.

    Very neatly, she typed out a banner that said: 

                    Polkadilla Villa's 1st Annual Bunches of Friends Celebration

    Hunny Bunny came to get Princess Pigeon Feathers.

    "Good job," said Hunny Bunny.

   "Thanks, Hunny," said Princess.

   The two good friends carried the banner over to Polkadilla Villa, and hung it on the wall.

   Everyone gave out a big cheer, and the party began.

   "It's great to feel needed," chirped Princess Pigeon Feathers.


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