Look for the HOT SPOTS on this screen to find fun places to go.

Click HERE to meet Mr. Sun Click HERE to meet Ping Pong the Panda Bear
Click HERE to enter the playroom Click HERE to learn about the Playhouse Send a message to Ping Pong and his Friends Click HERE to go to Gramma's House Cllick HERE to learn the special meaning of xobiar. Click to enter the playroom Click for Willie the Webworm's (WWW) help. Click HERE to meet Nuber the Hamster and tour the Emerald Woods Click to meet Ping Pong and his Friends.

Panda Bear's Playhouse is an animated and interactive storybook site for children.  Click the front door to "Enter" the Playhouse, but there are other fun places for children to visit  on this screen.  Move your mouse over various spots to explore the fun hidden in this site. Visit the playroom. Meet Gramma. Read the books in the Storybook Shelf Library.  See the dancing bears in the playroom. Take a tour of the Emerald Woods with Nuber the hamster. Meet Mr. Sun, or meet Ping Pong the panda bearFly the planes in the playroom.

There are many entertaining games including: Word Search, Crosswords, Coloring Books, Riddles and Concentration.

This site also uses  animation to hold  children's interest while reading the books.  Just move your mouse over the blue outlined boxes that surround the picturesFollow the antics of Ping Pong the panda bear and his friends, as they construct the playhouse and continue on their adventures. This site for kids is continually growing and changing, so come back and join in the fun with the panda bear and his storybook friends. These books are for the enjoyment of  children from the ages of 3 to 12.  Explore. Click and enjoy!

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